Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Soccer or UFC...

We had a BUSY weekend full of High School Homecoming Football games, Bonfires, Floats, Royal Court, Marching Bands, Fireworks and Formal dances. And in between all that, we had a Soccer game.

It was an EARLY game. 8am on a Saturday is wayyyyy too early for a game. I'm just saying!

I grabbed my camera on our way out the door. And I'm so glad I did. I grabbed the best shots! We played the #1 team in our division, so it was an excruciating, violent, powerful game the entire time. We are battling for 2nd place, so our boys not only wanted the win, but to knock the undefeated title from the other team is priceless. And the other boys wanted that win like there was no kidding. And at the age of these boys, play time can get a little rough. We had a few injuries, a few knock downs and lot of shoving.

And then there was this:
Which was none of the above. Austin was merely booting the ball and the other player ran in front of him and realized he was gonna get hit so he ducked. The ensuing picture looks like Austin is decking the kid between the look on Austin's face and the kid flying forward. LOL!Austin plays Fullback/Defender position. So he normally does not get allot of ball time. We have a great Offense team. But this game everyone was playing hard. And Austin was a key player in ball time.
I love watching my kid's sports! I get so caught up in it. By the last quarter I couldn't sit in my chair and was pacing the field.

Being Team Manager doesn't help me either. It makes the boy's feel like my boys and I need to coach, cheer, heal, kiss boo-boos, water, feed, pat on the back and all around feel the pain and glory with them.

We ended the game in a Tie - which is great for us! The other team didn't handle it so well. The Coach had a hissy fit and was threatening to turn our coach in for rough housing, when his boys started it! Oh well, you roll with the punches.


Tooje said...

Soccer can certainly be very violent! Just watching the world cup this summer I witnessed a LOT of hard, brutal hits. At Turner's age, it's so cute when they accidentally knock each other down and then stop to help each other up. LOL

Kaci said...

Wowzers! Who knew! Although El's team this year has been using lots of elbows...they are 5 and 6!!

Leah said...

I'm glad the game went well and you enjoyed yourself so much! That first picture is so funny!!!