Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Does Life ever beat you down? Wear you out?

Does Life stress you out and make you want to cry?

Does Life ever feel like it's going so fast, you can't stop to catch a breath?

I think the older my kids get, the faster it goes. They are so busy being involved in "Life" and living it to the fullest, that it makes my life whizz by. I am so grateful they have the opportunities that I didn't growing up. And they have our support for each practice and game. Each School event and Church event. They ask, we deliver.

So it doesn't surprise me to sometimes sit back and wonder, what have I done for myself lately? Am I enjoying MY life? Am I living my life to it's fullest?

So I ask you this...When is the last time you laughed?

Not the slight chuckle you give your kids when they tell a story of their day, not the fake laugh you give a co-worker telling a story of their kids accomplishments, not even the social laugh you give to a spouse or group in a meeting or event.

I mean REALLY laughed. Holding your side, tears rolling down your face, about to pee your pants LAUGH!

That's living life. That's enjoying life. That's life. Life will always have stress of jobs, house, errands, sports, school, friends, events that we can't put off. Life will always go on, whether your there or not. Life will evolve and change depending on our surroundings, peer influences and family events. Homes will change, cars change, towns change, and jobs change.

But always the same. Did you know it's contagious? Try it. Stand next to someone who has the giggles. They can't stop. They are giggling for no reason. They are crying they are laughing so hard. Pretty soon, your smiling watching them. Then you start chuckling. Before you know it, your laughing with them.

Laughter is not only good for you mentally, it is good for you physically. It makes a surge of hormones and metabolic acids flow through your blood streams. The hormones go to your brain and stimulate your attitude, personality, heart pumps faster, calories burn more and your day improves.

"Laughter is the best form of exercise. It's like jogging on your insides."

So go now and LAUGH, and have a good day!

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Norms said...

Trav and I would be lost without laughter. Believe it or not, he makes me laugh on a daily basis. So true, we need it to survive!!