Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Disneyland Part 3.5...

There was too many pictures and stories to tell about this day to be able to post it all. So this is 1/2 a post to finish the day out. :o)
So after switching kids with Melinda and her taking off to ride, Emily and I headed for Toontown. The whole trip she kept asking to see Mickey and Minnie, but when we would see them, she would take off running. So the next best thing for her was going into their houses and seeing where they live. This was our 3-4 time doing this, but it kept her happy.
Emily in Mickey Mouses house. His Phone and Answering machine that plays messages.

Emily sitting at Minnie Mouses Kitchen table eating her pretzel. In the center of the table is a looking glass. All the things in the house move. The dishwasher washes dishes, theres a cake in the oven baking and then falls flat. It's fun.
Big Kids in line for Monsters, Inc. ride...being silly!
Emily at the maingate of Disneyland in front of the Mickey Mouse flowers Disneyland Fireworks over the Golden Gate Bridge in California Adventure. Waiting in line for an hour for the World of Color show to start. We even had a fast pass for it. They do it over water, fire, the street lights change colors, movie in the water, it's really cool! And you get sprayed. Emily and I stood in the very back and we could feel the heat from the fire. The others stood up front on the rail and got soaked. They have 3 shows they do it, we had the 11:15pm showing. The front of that huge Mickey's fun wheel I showed you pics of yesterday. The water in front of it is where the World of Color is shown. So worth it! I couldn't get any pictures because it is really loud and water spraying everywhere, and Emily took off running full steam through the crowd of 3000 people. So I took off after her and caught her at the very back. I had to keep a hand on her and an eye the whole show. I missed a lot of parts of it, but saw enough to know it was awesome.
It was 12:30am when it was over and we left. The little ones were falling asleep, so i offered (my footsies hurt) to ride the tram back to the parking garage with them, while the big kids walked back with Melinda. They beat us...and had to take a pic to show off! Brats! :o)


Kaci said...

Elly would have gone nuts in that house. I don't remember if we went inside that or not. I can't wait to go again. =)

Tooje said...

The Mickey house down in Florida wouldn't allow us in the actual rooms...they were roped to keep us back and not touching. Interesting that you get to actually sit at the table.