Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Disneyland Part 3...

Thank you for all the wonderful comments on my stories of Disneyland. I felt so negative in the last one and you all showed me love and support.

So this part picks up with Monday getting back to California Adventure/Disneyland for our 2nd day of play. On this day, My friend and her kids joined us. Melinda, my BFF from way back in High School days, took pity on me and offered to take Emily for the day so I could go ride some rides with the bigger kids. I did not even blink when she offered and was running in the other direction before she dotted her sentence. :o)
This is the Mickey Fun Wheel. It is a GIANT Ferris wheel that has moving parts. On the outside, there are stationary cars where you can sit. Now do you see the bars zigzagging in the middle? Yes, those cars MOVE side to side, swinging back and forth, every time the Ferris wheel goes up and around. So not only are you going up and around in a circular motion, you then slide down these bars and swing, and then slide back the other way when the wheel goes around. Needless to say, I did not ride this one. I sat it out. But the kids went.This is the car the kids were in. They texted me and said "we're in the blue car, can you see us?" Now you can see up close the bar those cars are hanging from. They slide all over on those.

The Blue Car...you can see their heads.

It's at this point of watching them go around and around and swinging nonstop I was so thankful I stayed on the ground.
Then we headed off to see the Aladdin Show. We needed to cool off from the heat and rest our footsies. The show was GREAT! It was so funny! They had so much comedy in there, jokes of modern celebrities, events and even Jon & Kate! They did a great reenactment of the movie.
This huge Elephant came through the audience doors and paraded around with Aladdin on it. They even had the flying carpet through the air over the audience!
The Genie trying to persuade the Princess Jasmine to accept Aladdin's proposal.
The Wedding...
Afterwards we ran back to the Disneyland side of the park and Emily was so excited. She had a GREAT day with Melinda. She got her to eat, they watched 2 or 3 Princess shows in the Princess theatre, rode on the Chevron Autopia Cars and by the time we met up with them for Aladdin, Emily was all smiles.
Melinda & Emily on Cars.
By now it was getting late in they day and the kids from lack of hunger and sugar, started getting goofy. Austin grabbed Melinda's sunglasses and put them on.
The big kids and I got one last ride before we switched with Melinda, so we ran for the Matterhorn. Poor Travis in the middle, I think they were hungry enough, he was afraid they were going to turn on him next. :o)
There are lot's more pictures from this day, but will break it up into another post.
Overall - this was the BEST day of the trip! I loved getting to act like one of the kids, riding rides, eating junk with them, running from ride to ride, being goofy and overall laughing. The best part, was watching my son's eyes light up with delight. Well, that and having them fight over who got to ride with me on each ride. :o)


Tooje said...

I cannot WAIT for this age! Well, I can....they're still sweet young, but this age? Getting to do all the fun stuff with them? I can't wait! :) I'm glad to hear you had a good time.

Anonymous said...

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Kaci said...

YEA!!! =) I'm so happy that you had super fun with Austin and that Emily enjoyed herself too! I see Silly Bandz! LOL!