Tuesday, April 13, 2010

To Tell or Not To Tell...

Remember this? It's been way too long since I visited this haunt of telling on myself for the past week. So join me as I throw myself under the bus...

*I am super happy and excited that Emily is eating again! And even more excited that my plan to hide medicine in ice cream sandwiches is working and she hasn't even asked why I let her have them 3x a day! (I cut them in half people, sheesh!)

*I did have to let Emily's jeans out one button on each side!

*I am secretly wishing I could take my jeans IN one button on each side. :o)

*I did have a houseful of boys all weekend and did not cook ONCE!

*I did NOT eat the left over Easter Candy that did not fit in the baskets and hide the rest from Hubby.

*I did finally wash my car and scrub the rims with 6 mos of rain, mud and brake dust on it.

*I was a little (alright a lot) mad when it rained 2 days later.

*I did NOT go 4Wheeling in my little Honda Accord and get stuck in mud up to the doors.

*I am getting a little enjoyment that you are all curious as to my 4Wheeling story now. :o)

*I did NOT have secret thoughts for hubby to go back to work soon and not be home ill because it's invading on my "ME" time.

*I did secretly wish for a Money Tree to grow in my yard.

*I may have silently grinned when hubby said something wouldn't work and I said it would and it did!!!

*I just may or may not have taken a nap yesterday.

*I am very proud of Austin for stepping up to the plate on a challenge I gave him and the outcome was life changing!

*I may or may not have enjoyed the side effects of Emily's medication ~ it makes her very sleepy and many naps have been had in the last week and early bed times....awwww....quiet!

*I may have changed my hair color...jury is still out.

*I may be boycotting Pioneer Woman's website because I never win her prizes and I've been a follower since 2007, and all these people are hopping on the bandwagon and winning and it's not fair! (yes, i stomped my foot)

*I have not whined AT ALL this week...but then again, it's only Tuesday...

So there ya have it. All my sins out in the open. So join along and copy the logo and confess all your sins you may or may not have done. That is...if you are brave enough for the challenge! Muahahaha...



Tooj said...

I may or may not have accused Hubs of eating my milk chocolate Easter candy that I may or may not have hid from the kids. :)

Kaci said...

Sister I've been following her site since 2006 and NEVER EVER have won and that was when she only had like 100 comments.