Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's BASEBALL time...

So you all know my pain of Austin trying to decide if he was going to play or not this year. It meant moving up into the Juniors Division. High School age. Bigger field means 90ft bases instead of 70ft. Farther to pitch and throw. Tougher competition. New rules. Allot of "New" was scaring him. But with a little push, he decided to do it.
And let me just say...does this look like a kid who isn't enjoying himselfDoes this look like he was "forced" into playing?

He's having a blast! Met some new friends. Learning new things. Big Barrel Bats now. First String First Baseman.
He hasn't had any huge hits yet like last year, but he's never hit with a big barrel either. So it takes some getting use too.

But man, oh man, is he loving his role at first base! He is a key player now. 40% of the play and outs are at first base. And he is getting them out! :o)
I am very proud of Austin for staying with it and getting past his fear of the unknown to find his passion in it. He's even talking about playing High School Ball next year! :o)



Kaci said...

Wow! Way to go Austin! =)

Tooj said...

It's so hard to decide if you should push for them to participate or not. We see the positives and the fact that they may really enjoy it...that maybe it's fear and not actual dislike that is holding them back? On the other hand, maybe they know their mind better than we do. Kids. They make things so difficult. :)

SonyaAnn said...

I'm glad that he stuck with it! He looks like he is having fun!