Monday, April 26, 2010

Remember when we were kids...

And got to go TP'ing (or is it teepeeing?)

So much fun knowing your doing something your not suppose too, trying not to get caught but laughing so hard your sure you will. And everyone had jobs. One had the bushes, one got the car, one got the trees and another got porches or fences.

And then you run as fast as you can!!!

Awww...good memories.

This weekend brought with it another funeral for us. My Great Aunt passed away last week from age and a painful illness. I was really glad that a few weeks ago I had made the trip to go see her and say my goodbyes.
And my aunt was big into family. She had 12 kids! And those kids had LOTS of kids. She left a legacy. 26 grandkids and handfuls of great grandkids.
And she loved to have fun. A big practical jokester. One of the traditions she had with her kids and grandkids was TP'ing. She took each one out at some point in their life or even groups of them and sneak out at all times of night and parade them down to neighbors houses and wreak havoc. Laughing hysterically the whole time. And she had perfected the technique on how to properly throw the roll so you got the most distance, even how to wrap and tuck.
So Friday night before the Funeral, all the siblings (my cousins) got together with their kids and invited my family and my cousins to join them in one last Hoorah TP finale event in her honor!!!
You see, the house she lived in for 30+ years is still there, and her son now lives there for the last 20+ years. So all the neighbors on that street have still lived their and still enjoy the pranks.

So we met at the house armed with rolls and packages of TP and waited for darkness to fall. There must have been 30 of us there. And in true family tradition when "GO" was yelled, we descended on this poor house like a MOB at a rally. The kids had the best fun. I took Austin with me and he has never TP'd before. At first he was hesitant. You's not cool to TP with your mom. But he was having a good time.
We did the house justice and made Aunt Ray proud, I am sure.

My cousin, Jim, who lives in the house now, was prepared for us to come. He had rigged the yards and driveways with fireworks. And was hiding behind the fence. So when someone yelled "GO" to start TP'ing, and we were running across the lawn, off goes these poppers and fireworks scaring the crap out of us!!
Afterwords, we Toasted Aunt Ray with Champagne and the kids lite off fireworks for awhile. We had a great street party going and telling stories of pranks Aunt Ray would pull on the neighbors.
I had a great time, and I got to meet allot of cousins I had not met before. Our family is so huge. Literally in the hundreds. You can't go to college in town, grocery store, bank, work a job with out running into someone wanting to know if your related too or know someone...Our name is everywhere!
Thanks Cousin's for including me and letting us share in your memories of your mom. It was priceless!
And whatever you do...don't sit down on the job!



Kaci said...

How fun! I'm sure she's smiling down on you all and laughing a bit too! =) XOXO

Together We Save said...

Oh wow !! That is amazing!! What wonderful memories... we call it rolling BTW. My girls have been know to do this a few times.

Anonymous said...