Saturday, December 26, 2009

Whew...It's over...

Christmas came and went with the speed of Nascar! Whew...All the prep work and the anticipation of the big day...and it's over! Bummer! Another 364 days till Christmas to go again! ;o)

We had a great Christmas. Even though we scaled Christmas WAY DOWN this year in dollar amounts, it was a lot of fun to get more creative with the spending and thoughtful gifts. We had a good time seeing what everyone came up with. The kids still managed to get spoiled, just on a much smaller scale. Even little Toby managed to make out from Santa! His stocking was full and presents under the tree.
DH and I both managed to surprise each other when we both thought we knew everything we were getting each other! And Emily's ear splitting scream of a wake-up call topped the charts this year!

The kids got to bed pretty late on Christmas Eve after coming home from my parents house with all the family. So it was midnight before they got to bed and I was sure this might be a Christmas morning we could actually sleep in. DH and I were working on 4 hours of sleep, when we heard Emily's bedroom door fling open at 7am and slam into the wall and this blood-curling scream emit through the house (sounded like she was being stabbed to death). Before I could fling the blankets off me to see what was wrong, I was catapulted back into the bed with a flying leap from Emily and her landing in my face! uh, gee...thanks honey...Merry Christmas?
She begins screaming "Santa's here, Santa's here!!" and ran to wake brother up. After calling 911 for my heart attack I was having after that wake up call, I got my adrenaline back down and proceeded down the stairs trying hard to shake the sleepy eyes, groggy voice, dead from lack of sleep off me. Both kids dove immediately into their stockings and then made their way to presents.

DH was stationed on the couch with the video recorder and I was in the chair with the camera and the morning went by in a blur!
Now remember that Austin turned 13 last month? And he's now a "Teenager"? And no matter how tough he talked the talked before Christmas about their NOT being a Santa...He still "believed" when he got his Santa gift! And kept referring to it as "and HE got me...and HE remembered". So no matter how many hints and clues I left around and "Accidentally" left presents out..I just couldn't get him to get it. I am afraid he's going off to High School still wanting to Believe in Santa! I just can't bring myself to be the one to break his heart and tell him. But I don't want him to come home devastated because he was teased for believing. So what advice do you have for me? How did you find out? How did your kids learn the truth?

Hope all your Christmas Wishes came true!


Kaci said...

Eh just let him harm! :)

Tooj said...

Do you think he knows but continues the secret for his sister? Our 12 year old has known for years...not really sure how he "found out"...but he probably had kids at school kill the dream.

I understand your worry about him going off to high school with the dream still alive....I'd probably be sure to gently explain the magic of believing but that the magic is delivered via mom and dad. I'd probably recommend having this talk between now and high school. LOL