Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I can't wait!!!

It's true! I can't! I am such a kid when it comes to Christmas. I love Shopping and giving gifts. I love watching the expressions on the faces as they open them. I love watching the bustle of the activity going on around us, listening to Christmas Music, having family all around us.

Christmas morning I race down the stairs ahead of the kids so I can watch their faces as they come down the stairs and see what Santa has brought them. To share in their pure delight. To have flashbacks to my childhood and the excitement and pleasure that came from running down the hallway and seeing what Santa had brought me.

The anticipation is boundless and the excitement is overbearing! I want to relive the moments through my children's eye's. I want them to experience all the joy of being a child and believing as long as they can in the magic of Christmas.
We always make a point in the season though to teach them that it's not about receiving as it is about giving. One year, we adopted a needy family through the post office Santa program, and delivered wrapped presents and a Christmas Dinner.
I hope your Christmas is full of surprises and wishes in "Believing" again!

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Kaci said...

Bless you little family!!

I miss you so much right now my heart hurts!!


Love you all!