Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It's Party Time...

Ok...Somehow, somewhere, someone turned my cute, cuddly little boy into a TEENAGER without my permission or knowledge! And since that happened, well, we had to celebrate the occasion.

Austin turned 13 a few weeks ago, and it fell during the week of Thanksgiving, so we postponed his party until his friends could all come. And well, 13 is a big one! You now have "teen" in your age. He will be going to, gulp, high school in 6 months. And he has been working really hard this year to get good grades. He raised his GPA to a 3.6 at report card time 3 weeks ago. And since then he now has a 4.0!! Plus last year he was dealing with a lot of medical issues, which meant he didn't get a birthday party. We just took him and his cousin to the movies. So nothing exciting. So DH and I decided this was the year to spoil him!
Soooo...we had 6 boys total (7 if you count DH!) and me (poor me, only girl!) and we had a Limo pick us all up and off we went on an adventure! We drove to downtown (25 miles) and went to the IMAX theaters to see the new Jim Carrey "The Christmas Carol" in 3D! OMG...it was so good! I reserved seats several rows away from DH and I and let the boys sit by themselves, after a stern warning that should they get kicked out they had to wait in the freezing cold until the movie was over! And DH and I sat behind them to oversee. We loaded them up on popcorn and large sodas and sour candy! From there they all climbed back into the Limo for the return trip and stopped off at an Old Fashioned Ice Cream Parlor that is Austin's favorite place to go. The Sundaes are literally taller then you with 4 scoops of ice cream in a tall glass with 2-3 different toppings. The boys eyes were bigger then their bellies! It was so cute, they made Austin stand on a chair while the whole restaurant sang Happy Birthday to him. Then another party that was there with a bunch of girls his age was watching, and one girl ran over and hugged Austin and said Happy Birthday! It was so funny, he turned so red. The boys were all over that. They couldn't stop flirting then and running back and forth. I gave permission for them to run outside after the girls as they were leaving and they all goofed off. Then the Limo ride back home had them all wired and music blasting from every speaker and windows down (in 30 degree weather) with heads sticking out and talking to other cars! We got home with 20 minutes to spare before parents came, so they played Pool for awhile and were all grins and laughs! I had the best time ever watching Austin having such a good time! It's been so long since I've heard that giggle. It was totally worth the sacrifice to make this happen for him. But seriously, you gotta go see that movie! It was really good! Not for younger kids tho under the age of probably 8, the special effects and 44 speakers of doom music will scare them. Nothing like a 3D movie on a 10 story screen!


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Kaci said...

I so knew you would take him to that place. =) Mmmmmmmmmmm!

Happy Birthday Aah-tin.