Tuesday, October 6, 2009

School Pictures...

They finally came in - and for all the complaining I did last year on how bad I thought they turned out, I have to say, I am very pleased with both the kids pics this year! I think they are one of the best they've ever taken!

Emily managed to not have her hair sticking in every direction or rip her dress or spill lunch down the front of her, so I'm pleased! And she did a normal looking smile this year and not all teeth!

Austin let me style his hair a little so it wasn't straight down in his face, and he wore his contacts. So you can see those big, beautiful, brown eyes!!

I gotta say...their pretty cute kids if I don't say so myself! :o)


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Leah said...

those turned out great!! I'm anxious to see how my kids' turned out. I was just thinking earlier today that they should be coming back any time!!! They'd BETTER be good, I paid dearly for them. LOL