Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My baby is growing up...

This weekend my baby girl turned 11 years old. :o(


Where has the time gone? Just yesterday she was sitting on my lap asking for tickles. Just the other day she was asking for help tying her shoes. Just last week she asked to cuddle. Just weeks ago she was wearing single digit clothes and I could buy her shoes in the toddler section. Just months ago, she was sitting in her door swing, bouncing her chubby lil legs and giggling that infectious laugh that always made my day and gave me that smile that would melt any bad mood I was in.

Okay...maybe it wasn't just "yesterday", but it sure seems like it. They seem to grow faster, get older so much sooner as they age. Infant thru toddler hood, seemed to take forever, but it's these ages that I long for now.

Last week, she made a list of her Best Friends.

1. Melissa

2. Haley

3. Kailey

4. MaryPat

5. Austin


7. Dad

8. Toby (the dog)


I use to be #1 in her life. And now I rank #6!!

Dad had even harder time accepting that "mom" came before him and guilt tripped her until she swapped out numbers. BOOGER! He didn't get dessert that night.
Emily and her BFF, Haley

Emily continues to be my hero! She has achieved so much in her short life already that doctors told us she would never do. Obstacles still keep getting thrown at her, but she continues to find ways around them or conquer them. I am so very proud of her. We have a long ways to go with her, but when I look back at how far she's come, I have no doubt she will find a way in this life. My precious Angel that God sent us, has reminded us that it's really the simple things in life that we need to grab and hold onto.

I love you Emily. I hope and wish that all your dreams will come true. Never stop believing. Never stop trying. Always be confident and always have Faith.



Kaci said...

Awhh sweet Emily!! Did I tell you that my real name is Melissa? Ya I'm #1!!! =) HAHA

Leah said...

Happy Birthday to Emily! I hope she had an amazing day!

PS Was that girl EVER chubby (you mentioned her chubby legs... LOL)? I can't imagine it

PPS Kaci, you are hilarious... Melissa! hahaha! Love it!

Norms said...

Wow, really 11??!! I look at Nae and she is already 4, I'm looking forward/not looking forward to the growing up.
Sorry about the ranking, Trav has always out ranked me. ;)